To support and check the client was making correct renovation and design decisions to achieve the outcome they desired, it saw RLI dovetail in with the builders team and become part of the makeup that supported the client through their build. This home was a grand old traditional lady desperate for restoration. On 3500 m2 every structure touched unearthed another issue. The build was long, the outcome successful.

The clients love for old and new collided to create an eclectic unique and individual style that was all about them and what they loved. RLI was privileged to take part of this massive project, responsible for guiding the client through the renovation process, concentrating on colour design for all possible surfaces, sourcing and pulling together a torrid of furnishings and decorative items in a style that was all about the clients. Their love for artwork saw inspiration for many of the choices made. For the privacy of our clients, minimal photos have been added to this project.


Interior Design Services Provided

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