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The effects of Covid 19 on Interior Design in 2021 & Interior Design Trends for 2022

Podcast Interview featured on East side 89.7

What a turbulent year 2021 had on all industries associated with Interior Design. 

Karen Muller, Principal Designer of Real Living Interiors talks to reporter and broadcaster, Stacey Leonie about some of the impacts of the pandemic on the interior design industry, and, up and coming  Interior Design Trends  for 2022.

For the information on the Interior Design and Colour Trends for 2022, skip to around the 9 minute mark.

For further information on Colour , Interior Design and Styling support, please contact Real Living Interiors on 0411 850 264 or design@reallivinginteriors.com.au

Domain Article

Experts predict the top home trends for 2022

Featured on Domain Website

Karen Muller, Principal Designer of Real Living Interiors, in conjunction with Greg Natalie and other known Designers, shares some of their thoughts on 2022 interior design trends.

The article highlights in 2022, we will see a demand for eco-friendly home environments, Smart Homes, and residential floor plans  that can accommodate dual-purposes use within the home. 

Home Magazine Daily Telegraph Cover 2013

Archive 2019 - What Teens Really Really Want

Featured in the Daily Telegraph's Home Magazine

Real Living Interiors together with 2 other designers offer ideas that can turn an everyday room into a teenage retreat. See several showcase rooms and read “Keep piece at home by offering a space just for them” writes Daily Telegraph’s writer Chelsea Clarke.

Country Home Ideas 13 12

Archive 2015 Winter Warmers - Nicoles Home - A timeless interior

Featured in Country Home Ideas

Join Real Living Interiors and our lovely client Nicole in a journey of renovating, timeless styling choices and colour design success.

Cortina Vases In Sand

Archive 2015 - 3 Unique Styling Pieces

Featured in The Daily Telegraph's Home Design Magazine

For a peak at a few “must haves” see Real Living Interiors “3 Top Tips” for unique styling as published in the The Daily Telegraph’s Home Design magazine.

Beautifully textured, organic in shape and available in 3 sizes these vases made out of recycled paper is on the list of must haves. The earthy tones would add to any decor and as the saying goes, accessorise, accessorise accessorise! To view our article read on!

Halllway Study Split

Archive 2014 - Hallways and Passage

Featured in The Daily Telegraph

To create the look you wish to achieve within your home remember to give consideration to the entry and passage way areas. Tuck away unnecessary clutter, create clean lines and add a focal points. The following article gives handy hints on how to add interest and yet provide practical advice to make entry ways practical. Real Living Interiors together with 3 other designers offer tricks of the trade on styling hallways and passages.

Modern Home Cover2

Archive 2013 - Pre-sales Styling for small homes

Real Living Interiors rolling articles continue in Modern Home

Real Living Interiors Pre-Sales Styling advice continues with the latest release of information published in May 2013. A fantastic home in Sydney’s North Shore shows how Real Living Interiors transforms an empty house into a welcoming and appealing home!

Modern Home Riorda

Archives 2012 - Recent Renovation

Featured in Modern Home

When renovating there a many decisions to be made that are quick, costly and daunting! With professional assistance the journey can be painless and swift. See Real Living Interiors recently completed project in Lindfield, walk your way through the home, read of the home owner thoughts on renovating and grab some renovating tips from Real Living Interiors!

Home Ideas Cover Vol 7 No 4

Archives 2011 - 3 BIG Tips for Selling Your Home

Featured in Home Ideas

In December 2011 Home Ideas released a fabulous article on tips for those looking to sell their home. Featuring Real Living Interiors expert advice on Interior Styling, a.Real Estate Agent and a Handyman collaboratively many questions are answered. Check out the article attached for more information.

Modern Home Cover

Archive 2009 - Pre-sales Styling in Gordon, Sydney

Featured in Modern Home

The release of Real Living Interiors feature article in “Modern Home” decorating magazine Volume 3 / 11 hit the streets in April 2009. Handy hints on styling your home for sale and one of Real Living Interiors recent projects can be seen in the article.

Modern Home Vol 6 No 11

Archive 2008 - Go with the Flo

Real Living Interiors featuring a 10 page spread in Modern Home "Go with the Flow"

Working with the clients, Real Living Interiors had a job on its hands to meet this particular brief. The publication walks through the challenges of the job such as conflicting styling objectives, and clients’ personal styling preferences that contradicted the outcome they were wanting to achieve.

Country Home Ideas Cover

Archive 2007 - Home's Professional Makeover

Featured in Your Guide to Renovating & Decorating

In it’s first month of publication, Your Guide to Renovating & Decorating features many articles aimed to assist the “do-it yourself” home renovator. Real Living Interiors shows how styling can be a powerful in a pre-sales styling or a home renovation. In a 4 page feature article, we walk through the process of a home recently styled for sale, and talk about some key factors in making your home appealing.

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