Recently, Real Living Interiors has experienced a surge in demand for their interior design services from inner-city Sydney properties, including these multi-residential homes in Stanmore located 6 kms west of Sydney’s CBD. The suburb of Stanmore boarders Leichhardt (see Leichhardt project), Sydney University, and the popular and vibrant neighbourhood of Newtown.

Our Brief:   We were engaged by the builder, whom owned  these multi-residential townhouses. Although we had worked with this builder before, this was the first time he had entrusted us with the entire project, as he admitted he did  “not trust his own judgement in design”. We fondly recall his remark that he would concrete everything if given the choice!

Real Living Interior brief was clear:  Select all surfaces and fixtures, recommend all fittings, provide a light bright internal palette and make surface selections appealing to potential renters or buyers. We were to keep surface selections simple and provide layouts for kitchens and three bathrooms per townhouse, ensuring the designs were identical across properties. Our only stipulations were to consider the budget and retain the exterior brickwork and Colorbond cladding though paint colours were open to interpretation.

Whilst this project was challenging due to the client’s lack of strong preferences for any particular look or feel (excluding concrete), it required us to research the target market to determine what potential renters or buyers in the area might expect or desire.  On the other hand, the builder’s incredible trust made our job easier. He made it clear that if we designed a room and specified materials he would follow through with our recommendations, only adding his personal touch to elements he felt needed a builders flair.

On the other hand, the builder was incredibly trusting, making our job easy. He make it clear, if we designed a room and specified materials, he would follow through with the recommendations, only placing  his personal touch on elements that he felt needed the “builders flair!”


Interior Design Services Provided

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